Taurus and Capricorn

The wonders of stability have room to shine in this relationship. The union of Taurus and Capricorn may seem as if it was meant to end in marriage, since these are two faithful and responsible Earth signs. Fixed Taurus is complemented by Capricorn's Cardinal quality and ability to make changes when necessary. Capricorn's detachment is neutralized by the patient attention of their personal Taurus.

The problem here is their connection to the Moon – that is to home, family, motherhood and closeness. While Moon is exalted in Taurus, it has fallen in Capricorn and this may present a huge obstacle to the marriage scenario. In its most depressive form, this would be a marriage where the wife stays at home cooking, with no other pleasures in life but seeing her husband, while he works all day long and doesn't feel the need to come home.

Capricorn partner can feel too cold and distant to Taurus, while Taurus might be too “clingy” for Capricorn. The strange thing is that they would both very much like the same. They stay together forever because they simply don't know why wouldn't they.

In most cases, the depth of communication and their similar understanding of the material world bring out the best in them, giving them the opportunity to last. Still, it is imperative for Taurus to accept that Capricorn needs to set boundaries and stay distant once in a while, as much as Capricorn needs to give in to their partner's need for tenderness.

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