Taurus and Gemini

Relationships between Taurus and Gemini Sun signs can be a true challenge, but with a great reward. In most cases they simply don't notice one another, but when they do, it is a strange combination that might even work. Since their elements are Earth and Air, it might seem that something is missing to connect them. Taurus is grounded, practical and slow, while Gemini are fast, their brain works all the time, full of new ideas and they are always on the move.

As if this wasn't enough, their sign quality is also completely different – Taurus is a Fixed sign and Gemini is Mutable. If they would agree to settle down, one would imagine a white picket fence, a bunch of children and growing old together, while another would think this is for a couple of weeks, for as long as it is not boring.

The main goal here would be for Taurus to open up, gain some speed and adapt to Gemini's fast and unpredictable nature. Gemini would have to embrace the deeper meaning of words they say in a relationship, as well as respect the time their partner needs.

They should keep in mind that every characteristic the other one has serves its purpose. Only this can lead to their mutual respect and a situation where Taurus partner can simply materialize Gemini partner's idea. When these two natures start to coexist in a relationship full of respect, there is probably nothing they couldn't make true together.

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