Taurus and Leo

Taurus and Leo partners are a perfect example of squaring Sun signs because of the strength of Sun in Leo. This is a combination sometimes too hard to handle for both of them because of their Fixed quality. It gives them a sort of immutability that simply doesn't work with one another. The rulers of these signs are Venus and the Sun and this is what gives hope to possibility of this type of relationship. Both planets speak about love, each one in its own way.

Sun contains about 99.8% of total mass in our Solar system. This is something Leo people usually know and keep in mind in their relationships. We could always say how egocentric they are, but this won't help their nature very much. Their role in the zodiac is to share knowledge about one's self esteem and the love of Self, so it would be a shame to change them. On the other hand Taurus is here to teach Leo to enjoy the senses instead of just burning everything in a two mile radius.

In a perfect balance, these two would be the creator and the energy, so Taurus would be able to take in the Fire element of Leo, while Leo would keep their self-awareness high and not look at Earth element partner's actions as an attempt to put down their flames. In usual circumstances this is very difficult to achieve because Taurus partner rarely understands the “selfish” nature of Leo and Leo feels threatened by the Taurus' intent to calm him down.

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