Taurus and Libra

Taurus and Libra are two signs ruled and guided by Venus. One of them likes everything cozy, all the time, and the other everything pretty and on a whim. While the first can choose function over esthetics, the other will rarely be concerned about the feel of things and choose something truly uncomfortable just because of the way it looks.

It is difficult for Taurus to understand Libra's Sun in detriment, worried about all of other people's opinions and the superficial look of everything in their lives. On the other hand, Libra only sees how Taurus is too simple, with no manners or fineness what so ever. In reality, they both lack good boundaries and a focus on their selves, so they get too involved in each other's opinions and obsessed by the lack of understanding.

Since Taurus is a Fixed sign its representatives are usually set in their opinions and are not crazy about Libra's indecisive nature and the lack of opinion on everyday things. From the perspective of Cardinal Libra, Taurus is a sign full of unsubtle opinions that need to change.

In extremes - if Taurus would give up their stubbornness and see that nobody's forcing them to change their practical self, it would allow them to mend with Libra's beauty and have some of both sides of Venus. On the other hand, if Libras would stop caring about other people's opinions, they might even notice that it is nice to have something comfortable and enjoy senses instead of superficial beauty, once in a while.

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