Taurus and Pisces

When Taurus representative falls in love with a Pisces person, it can truly give them both wings. Taurus is ruled by Venus and the sign of Pisces exalts Venus, bringing out its highest form to light. These signs are presented by elements of Earth and Water and this makes the beauty of the relationship move and change through time to find its end, or grow even more beautiful than before.

Practical Taurus finds it easy to ground some of Pisces' emotional needs and give them rest from their wondering and the constant feeling of being lost. Even though Pisces people can be very focused and oriented, there is always that inner side of them that doesn't know for sure. Taurus is there to tell them they don't have to know and they can relax in their emotional realm while Taurus takes care of everyday routines and schedules.

Pisces is a sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune and when it is nurtured, it can expand and enlarge everything that their partner puts to work. If Taurus decides to make money, Pisces partner will have deep trust and show them how to make so much more than they thought possible.

Their challenge is the difference in quality - Taurus is a Fixed sign and Pisces Mutable. This could lead to the situation where Pisces get bored and need to move on, breaking the heart of their Taurus partner who gave everything up just to make their fairytale partner happy. That is why it is so important for their independence to be cherished.

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