Taurus and Sagittarius

Taurus and Sagittarius are ruled by Venus and Jupiter, two of the most beneficial planets in the chart. This is the fact that makes this relationship possible in spite of all the differences between them that might seem impossible to reconcile. Ruled by elements of Earth and Fire, they don't have much understanding for one another. Taurus can be really irritated by the flakiness of their Sagittarius, while Sagittarius might feel as if they would die of boredom with Taurus.

In any case, when Venus and Jupiter come together, it can point to all sorts of hedonistic behaviors these signs can share. They could feel as if they can let go completely when it comes to questions of food, wine and all sorts of physical satisfaction, although trust is not the strongest quality of this union.

Their differences are intensified with their signs' quality. Taurus is a Fixed sign and Sagittarius Mutable. It is like someone is trying to put the wind into a jar. While Taurus stands and waits for Sagittarius partner to settle down, they actually change direction even more frequently as they feel constrained.

This relationship is like a bond between life in the country and traveling the world. Maybe we would think that they could experience all of the wonderful experiences in life side by side, learning from and respecting each other. Unfortunately, it is very rare for these two natures to come together and reach satisfaction, because the scopes they would have to cover are too different from their primal nature.

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