Taurus and Scorpio

As all opposing signs, Taurus and Scorpio complement each other perfectly, although they are completely different. Both of them are signs of Fixed quality and this makes them loyal and in a way static. Taurus people are static in time, tied down to a place where they find enough peace. Scorpio is static in change and transformation. As Earth and Water sign, they have enough patience for each other, while having so much to learn in their relationship.

Taurus usually has this irrational fear of change that makes people with this Sun sign stay in non-satisfying jobs, relationships or gatherings for much longer than they should. When they bring a Scorpio partner along, they can expect all of the opposite things. It can be refreshing to have a partner that saves you from each situation you can't solve, but in a while, this may make Taurus feel incompetent and even more inert than before.

Scorpio has a deep hostility towards laziness and lack of initiative with Mars as the sign ruler, but can be very difficult by nature, too prone to wicked jokes, depressive conversations and quite jealous. This is where Taurus, ruled by Venus, jumps in and saves the day. It seems impossible for Scorpio to be dark if their partner is this positive and satisfied. The truth lies somewhere in between.

It is important for these two not to rely too much on their partner but constructively build their own personality. If they do so, it can be a perfect match, full of passion and deep emotions.

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