Taurus and Taurus

When two Taurus representatives come together, their shared love for all sorts of earthly pleasures can make them deeply satisfied, lazy and overweight. Although their goal is not to stay in this inert state where they simply touch each other and eat together all day long, they can't seem to stop, as if each of them found a partner in crime. They are both ruled by Venus, the godess of love, but their nature is defined by the element of Earth, so this love is mostly materialistic and physical.

Taurus is a sign of Fixed quality and it is considered stable and reliable. This is a quality that can make relationships last for a very long time, sometimes because the love is unchangeable, but in other cases simply because non of the partners has enough energy to end the relationship that went stale. If this is the case, two Taurus persons could stay together for years, waiting for someone else to come and save them. Since they have trouble accepting changes, they can be very stubborn and closed up for their partner.

It can be a real challenge for two Taurus people to manage to open up to one another, especially if they had bad emotional experiences in the past. Due to their materialistic nature, it can be difficult for them to accept their partner's financial habbits, so it would be good if they were both independent in the long term run.

When the balance is established, this can be a stable, lasting and joyful relationship.

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