Taurus and Virgo

There is a soft side to Taurus that Virgo sign understands and cherishes because of their own inner need to be cuddled and taken under a wing. Unfortunately, Taurus doesn't always feel so good in Virgo's arms since their ruler is Venus and Virgo is a sign of Venus' debilitation. In practice, this means that Virgo partner may take too much of this soft side we mentioned and analyze it senseless.

Virgo is an Earth sign and regardless of its mutual quality, it can be quite stiff at times. Taurus shares this element and is rigid on its own hand, while able to stand in one place for ages only to annoy Virgo. Still, there is an earthly understanding between these two connected to the meaning of everything material, so it is safe to say that these partners will rarely stay in a relationship where physical connection is lousy. This also implies that their combination is perfect for economy and savings – Taurus loves and makes money and Virgo can make a perfect ten year plan for it.

Virgo's ruler Mercury gives them a tendency to talk a lot. This makes it possible for their Taurus partner not to, making a strange base for great communication, misunderstood by many other signs.

One of them likes things the way they are, and the other thinks that everything needs to improve until perfect. In other words, Taurus has the ability to teach Virgo how to enjoy life, while Virgo can be patient enough to explain to their Taurus why change is needed.

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