Virgo and Cancer

In a love between Virgo and Cancer, an intense, realistic relationship with staying power is the outcome. It is a relationship with potential to get better with each time that passes. Both are goal-motivated and disciplined. They are sincere and faithful to one another as they share a strong sense of purpose.

This lover duo may get off to a slow start, but in the fullness of time, bonds will only grow stronger. There could be higher chances of falling out in case Virgo becomes too critical for Cancer's easily hurt feelings; Cancer needs to understand that it is Virgo's nature to point out what they observe and that it is not a personal attack.

The Moon (Emotion) rule Cancer and Mercury (Communication) is the ruler of Virgo. Though they are very different planets, they are both near the Sun and so, therefore, always in one another's proximity. The Moon has a mother influence; it does more of cultivation and nurturing growth, which is a vital concern for Cancer.

Cancer represents Water, and Virgo, is an Earth sign. Earth signs are true to their name and down-to-earth; however, they can also be acquisitive and worried with gaining. The Virgo - Cancer affair likes to surround themselves with easy, well-crafted things.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign, and Virgo a Mutable one. While Cancer gets things going, Virgo flourishes on a changing schedule of errands and tests. Virgo will always keep in mind Cancer's plans, and will eventually bring results even if Cancer has moved on.

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