Virgo and Leo

Virgo and Leo join in a love affair which may initially overlook common interests and make the two feel they have nothing to achieve from one another. It is an affair that grows over time, each partner progressively getting to understand and appreciate the other. Virgo is diligent and reserved. Leo, on the other hand, is attractive and charismatic. Early on in the relationship, Virgo and Leo may see nothing other than faults in one another. Leo appears oppressive, and Virgo may seem too disapproving. However once they start looking at each other's positives, they will discover the attraction.

The Planet Mercury rules Virgo as the Sun Leo. The Sun emanates light and heat and lets others gather around and agree to the gifts of their presence. Virgo extends to others and gets clear all the details before committing to a goal.

Virgo represents an Earth sign while Leo, a Fire sign. Leo starts in on new projects without taking a break to consider their inspiration, while Virgo takes a more sensible approach. Virgo only concerns with the result of their labors while Leo only chases what they want with no mind for the cost.

Virgo is a Mutable sign while Leo, a Fixed sign, and Virgo spend time working hard and thinning out over many different vicinities. Leo, on the other hand, enjoys taking control of projects. The absence of conflict over positions in the relationship helps Virgo and Leo evade obnoxious character evaluations.

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