Virgo and Taurus

Virgo - Taurus comes together in love to form a union of inherent sensibleness. The two employ practicality in their daily lives. They are honest and devoted to one another; as people, both have a great wealth of veracity. Virgo admires Taurus's strength and commitment while Taurus appreciates Virgo's critical mind.

These two signs have a lot to share: They highly prize common sense and level-headedness; the two are materialistic but work hard for the greater comforts they enjoy. Taurus is more corporeal and understanding than Virgo is.

Mercury (Communication) is the ruler of Virgo's world while Taurus is a subject of Venus (Love and Money). These Planets are close to the Sun hence, closely related though they seem very different. Venus is physical; it is about romance and sensuality, both of which are vital to Taurus. Mercury is about expression and it's neutral. Therefore, Virgo will take on the form that it chooses. Virgo is exquisite at accepting other people and can quickly learn to be the romantic and sensual partner that Taurus admires. Both partners are so dedicated and passionate, their arguments surely won't focus on those issues. Virgo and Taurus are both Earth Signs. It can only imply one thing; they are steady and practical, above all concerned with possessions.

Virgo represents a Mutable sign and Taurus, a Fixed sign. Taurus is obstinate and to make up their mind once and for all; more flexible Virgo can help teach Taurus the value in bending the mind a bit.

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